Monday, July 7, 2014

The Writing Process Blog Hop

Thanks to my cyber-soul-sister-writer friend Deb Marshall for tagging me as a participant in the 2014 Writing Process Blog Hop! I’ve known Deb for over 10 years now and am so happy to have been able to share this writing journey with her!

Deb has worked for over 20 years as a librarian (both in public and school libraries) and has also been a professional storyteller. You can check out her Writing Process post at her blog Read Write Tell.

And now, on to the questions!

What are you currently working on? 

I have probably half a dozen novels in different stages, but at the moment I am focusing on a contemporary YA novel. At its essence it’s about two young women dealing with loss, grief, anger and self-esteem issues. 

I’m at about 35,000 words and am DETERMINED to get through the messy first draft. It began as what I thought would be a New Adult story but the characters and themes have changed and at the moment it has settled itself into the YA category. 

I’m also always working on haiku, and am entertaining an idea for a haiku collection for kids. I usually always have an article or short story on the go as well. 

How does my work differ from others of its genre?  

Honestly, I’m not sure how to answer that question. It’s not something I consciously focus on. For my novels, I simply try to stay true to the way my stories want to be written, try to listen to what my characters want and hope that they end up feeling authentic, well-rounded and identifiable. 

Why do I write what I write? 

I tend to write whatever speaks to me at the time, and most of my novel ideas are about teenagers. It’s like the stories come through me, so I just go with it, whatever it may be. As I mentioned before, I also write haiku, poetry, short stories, and nonfiction; I find that it helps keep me creative. 

How does my individual writing process work?

I’m still trying to figure out my process. What I do know is that I’m a discovery writer so I tend to struggle with working with outlines or character sketches. I’m currently working with a writing coach (the wonderful Lauren Sapala) and with her help I’ve realized that I really need to trust the writing process, myself, and my characters. 

I’m also not a linear writer, so what’s working for me right now is typing out my first draft scenes on my iPad with the IA Writer app (being away from the computer makes it feel less daunting for some reason) and then I transfer the scenes to my computer and onto Scrivener

I also find that doing yoga and meditating really helps me focus, as does using the Pomodoro Technique while writing. It’s an excellent technique if you get easily distracted. I’m also working on accepting the fact that I can’t force the story. It needs time to percolate, and my mind needs time to process things. 

I’m in the mucky middle right now and just taking it one scene at a time, figuring out what my characters want, and what needs to happen for them to achieve those goals and desires. Eventually, I know I’ll have all the scenes out and then I can start taking a look at things more objectively. 

In a pretty big nutshell, that’s about it. lol

* * *

Next on the blog hop, get ready to meet my writer friend Carla Luna Cullen. Carla  writes young adult and new adult books that draw upon her passion for archaeology, world travel, fantasy, and romance. She currently resides in the picturesque town of Cedarburg, Wisconsin with her husband, two kids, and a feisty cat.

You can learn more about Carla at her website: 

Her writing process blog hop post will be up next Monday, on July 14th, so make sure to check it out! :)


  1. Hard to believe we have been on this writing journey for as along as we have! And man oh man on those mucky middles...they are mucky. Looking forward to meeting Carla and reading her process!

    1. Hey, D! I know--crazy, crazy how quickly it has gone by! Thanks for dropping by and I hope you're having a great week so far. :)

  2. I love this blog hop that is still going strong. It's fun to hear about everyone's process and current projects. And I can't believe you've know Deb that long. That's longer that me!!!!

    1. Hey, Stina! Yep, Deb and I met through the Forward Motion writing community in the early 2000s--would have been 2002 or 2003 I think. Pretty wild! :)


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