Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Play Is A Fur Letter Word!

My dog, Haley, is a huge pup at heart, even though she's almost six years old. She would play nonstop if she could. She's a miniature Australian shepherd, so is a high energy dog. I've compiled a few of her antics for your enjoyment!

She could play fetch ALL DAY with you, if you wanted. She'll also bounce the ball herself.

Another favorite thing she plays with are yogurt containers once she's licked them clean. She'll bat them around and make them jump.

She's also LOVES playing in the snow! I'd love to have half her energy! LOL!

That's my girl. She keeps me amused, that is for sure. Just wanted to share the fun. Thanks for watching! :)


  1. Aww!!! What a cutie! She's so playful, just like a puppy. Makes me want to hug her! :D

    1. Thanks, Mary! She is pretty cute, and pretty quirky! lol How are all your critters doing?


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