Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring is in the Squirrel

The other day, I found this little critter sitting in my feeder and quickly scared it off. It was there again today and even though I jumped in the window, and tried to act all scary and monster-like, it didn't even flinch--not even when I knocked on the window. Brave little thing. So then, I sank down to it's level and really looked at it.

I'm not crazy about it hogging the feeder, and certainly don't want it hanging close to the house too much, but golly gee whiz, it is cute isn't it? So I stopped trying to spook it, sat down and appreciated the chance to be so close to a little bit of nature.

Spring is in the air, and I think this little guy can feel it, too. :)


  1. Aww!! He's adorable! I just love those big eyes. :) Is that feeder right outside your window? Wow, he's a brave one!

    1. Hey, there! Sorry for the late reply--things got away from me. And yes, it's right in my living room window. I even knocked on the glass and it didn't phase him one bit. lol


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