Monday, September 9, 2013

A Few Writerly Blog Posts to Share

I've been trying to spend more time reading writing blogs--and there are so many wonderful ones out there that it's sometimes difficult to keep up with it all, but I figured I'd share a few posts that I've recently read that I really enjoyed.

The first three are all from Positive Writer, which is a a very motivating and inspiring blog. 
The next two posts are from, another great place to get writing inspiration. 
And then this one from Adventures in YA Publishing:


  1. Thanks for the links, Gisele. I've been reading fewer writing blogs as I focus on my target audience. When I had my writing blog, I seemed to spend more time on blogs about craft.

    1. Hi, Stina! Yeah, I would say that it's probably a natural progression--a focus on the writing craft tends to lead (hopefully) to publication and target audiences. :)


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